West Meets East: Spud and Sweet Potato with a Mix of Vegetable Salad Drizzled with Rice Vinegar-Pepper-Ginger-Honey Sauce

This is the only way I could think of to HONOR my heritage, my roots, my background and at the same time embracing the new culture, system, tradition and palate my new home has.

The food I prepared was simple yet complex. Simple because they only required common sense and a few ingredients. Complex in a way that they were an infusion of not only a single taste but a mixture of Asian influences.

I am quite blabbing but yeah, what I am trying to say is that it is always mind-boggling to be placed where you are not accustomed to culture, tradition, system-wise among others but could definitely infuse in your own ways some if not a little of what has molded and influenced you since your first breath.

I really appreciate how my husband has been so understanding. He knows how and when to deal with me and my troubles trying to fit into his world, which I will be sharing soon, too – for forever.

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