Flying Kites: An Unexpected Blissful Soul-Cleansing Experience

Never did I expect that I’d be able to really enjoy and feel my soul being cleansed by just flying a kite! It actually was the very last thing for me to do to make me feel at ease and just free! I thought before that feeling such was only found within the confines of my comfort zone. Oh, boy was I wrong!

As soon as I held the line, it just fitted well in my hands-just like a glove. The “euphoric” feeling that ran through my system was so unexpected I felt scared. But as I decided to let go of all the uncertainties and finally accepted freedom, I took hold of happiness and let go of everything else!

Who would have thought that the hobby I used to play with my childhood friends when I was a child will be revived here of all places! 😃😃😃

I’d definitely do it over and over again! #flykite #kiteflying

Photos were taken #newboroughbeach #fleetwoodbeach#garstangrugbyfield #angleseywales #garstang #fleetwood #ukflykite

Photos credit to @stevepalmer and @lynnepalmer

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