A Smirking Filipina Encounter At The Supermarket


It is sad but true that some fellow Filipinas (kababayans) think because they’ve been in their husband’s country for quite a while now, they already have the “EDGE”! (Sigh!)

One day, my husband and I went to Asda to do some food shopping. While queuing at the till I noticed that a Filipina was just right in front of us putting her stuff on the till counter for payment. I heard her mutter,”hay naku!” as she accidentally dropped her purse. I was quite excited to strike a conversation in Tagalog/Filipino because since I arrived in the UK for a visit, I haven’t met a single Filipino yet. I was waiting for her to finish bagging her stuff and was thinking to leave my husband to deal with the cashier once she’s done and would really love a tete-a-tete.

When she finished doing her stuff, she looked at me and I smiled and was about to wave and say hi at her. Then my heart sank when she smirked at me and left! Ouch! I thought, “I just wanted to say hi and nothing else. I wouldn’t ask for even a stalk of the celery she bought!” 🤨🤨🤨

To you, my fellow kababayan/ Filipina, BEING NICE IS FREE. A simple smile would have made a huge difference. Don’t think that because you’ve been living abroad for good, you’re NOT a Filipino anymore.

I got a SMIRK! 🤣🤣🤣 I think she looked like the stone head in the photo when she smirked at me! ✌️✌️😂😂😜😜

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