Wild Berries and Apples and their Philippine Counterparts Plus My Musings

My husband and I were enjoying our walk yesterday at the Marton Mere Local Nature Reserve. I realized that I have never really appreciated the true beauty of the Philippine nature and it is shame on me!

The nature reserve was teeming with insects, wildflowers, birds, wild berries and just-hatched frogs. Of all these nature’s gifts, I was more amazed by the wild berries and apples. I enjoyed picking wild berries the most. It was kind of like therapeutic and just refreshing. I wish the apples were ready for picking but oh well, at least I was able to see with my own big eyes🤣 how and what apples look like when in full bloom.

As we continued with our leisurely walk, the silly thought came to mind. I thought and still, think that wild berries are comparable to the Philippines’ native makopa while apples are like bayabas (guavas).

I still have time to enjoy and appreciate the nature my beloved Philippines offers before I settle here in the UK. I know that I’d surely miss my family and friends but will also equally miss the Philippines and its quirkiness.

The moral of the story here is that we never really appreciate things/people until they’re gone/out of our reach.

Enjoy what you have now. Appreciate everything to your heart’s content. The best things in life are free.

P.S. I know about the Code of Conduct For The Conservation And Enjoyment of Wild Plants so don’t worry, I didn’t do anything against this specified rules. Besides, I was with my husband. I doubt he’d allow me to get imprisoned! LOL



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