SMS Service: VFS Manila, Philippines


As you lodge your visit visa or well known as tourist visa, you have the choice of availing for several services such as courier and sms.

In this short blog, I am going to share with those who are waiting for the decision of their visit visa application or about to lodge such, the messages you’re going to receive from VFS, that is if you availed of their sms service.

As shown in the photo posted, the first STANDARD (it means everybody who’s availed of their sms service will receive the same wordings/message-automated message) message you’ll receive is the information that they have forwarded your application (supporting documents) to the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration for checking and consideration. This is sent on the same day of the biometric.

The second automated message, which will be sent within the 15-working-day processing time, will inform you that the UKVI has already made a decision on your visa application and then stating how you’ll be able to collect your passport. The message doesn’t say if your application has been approved or denied. The only way you’ll know is by checking your passport for the visa vignette. If you have the visa vignette plastered onto your passport page, congratulations!!!! 🇬🇧🛫

Unfortunately for others, this may not be the case. Their visit visa application is denied. If so, an accompanying refusal letter stating the reasons of the refusal will be in the parcel together with your passport and maybe some of the support documents submitted.


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