Al Gore once said, “Airplane travel is nature’s way of making you look like your passport photo.”

This made me rummage my bag for my passport and check the proof of what I look like on and after a long-haul flight: my passport photo! Geez! Al Gore’s on point! 😀 Please check the first photo uploaded in this blog article for reference. LOL

I have been subjected to long-haul flights several times now and ‘that feeling’ never ever gets ‘boring’ and old – fatigued, just physically ill with a bloated tummy, headache and ‘puffed’ legs and feet! These are just some of the known effects of being cooped up in a highly pressurized cabin for a long period of time. But whether I like it or not, I can never totally escape these inevitable hiccups of traveling. On a positive note, the reasons why in the first place I endure this experience is worth every gas I passed, tummy pills taken, and loads of liniment oil rubbed on my swollen feet and legs – being with the person who married me because he thought and still thinks I am the most precious gem this world has ever spouted: my spouse.  

In all my travels to the United Kingdom, my husband would always book my flight with Etihad Airways. My itinerary would always be Manila-Abu Dhabi-Abu Dhabi-Manchester. The first leg of the journey (Manila to Abu Dhabi) has a travel time of 9 hours. Abu Dhabi, which is the home country of Etihad, is always where the layover is. For the next leg of flight (Abu Dhabi to Manchester), travel time is set for 7 to 8 hours, depends. It’s quite intimidating, eh?

It’s really quite a long and daunting journey but the fatigue and physical illness would always ease out by how Etihad and its people treated me in each and every flight I had with them. I couldn’t be more thankful than that. Small gestures from these people really made a big difference in all of my flights with them. From ground crew to the cabin crew and the pilots, they were nothing but respectful, accommodating and understanding of their passengers.

Here is some information that might be of help to you who are planning of flying with Etihad in the future.


A. Check in baggage
• 30 kgs maximum
• 2 suitcases/luggage each not exceeding 23 kgs

B. Hand Carry
• 7 kgs suitcase/bag
• Handbag
• Laptop


It’s not the best, sad to say but what to expect, really, when flying. I commend them though for offering piping hot meals and clean, chilled cutlery.


If you are into movies, documentaries, and stuff, you’re in for a treat. Yeah, a treat! 🤣😜 The aircraft is equipped with an in-flight entertainment system to help make their passengers’ journey as comfy and interesting as possible.

WiFi connection is an option and yes, it is available for a fee but of course.


Yes, you may charge your phone because each seat is allocated with a charging hub. Just bring with you your USB phone charging connector.

As much as I whine about the long, tiring and lonely flight, there’s also a myriad of things I am thankful for. It’s a win-win game really!

Bon voyage and welcome aboard!

Disclaimer: Photo of Etihad Airplane isn’t mine. Credit to the owner.

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