Fresh UK Tourist Visa Application Whilst On With A Current One: Possible

Applying for a visa is quite daunting especially if you have no experience and doing it all by yourself. Sometimes, even if you ask help from others who had tried it before, there will always be that niggling thought that keeps on sabotaging your peace of mind!

I had been asked so many times about this one particular question: Is it possible to lodge a fresh tourist visa to the UK even if I still have a valid one? For the longest time, I was also thinking if this was possible. Then a friend named Karla Carreon whom I met online asked me this very question. I couldn’t give her the exact answer because my case was sightly different from hers. I had a valid UK tourist visa then when I applied for my spouse visa.

Karla and I kind of like brainstormed about the topic because as she said, she was having conflicting answers from different people. In the end, we both pinned on the idea of her sending an inquiry to the proper authority: UKVI.

The verdict? YES! It is very much possible to apply for a fresh tourist visa whilst having a valid one. What is going to happen according to the UKVI contact centre is that the current visit visa will be cancelled upon the issuance of the new one. A copy of the letter from the UKVI contact centre is posted below for validity of the claim and for your future reference.

Thank you so much to sis Karla Carreon for trusting me with this information. Thank you also for sharing the passion with me to help others who are in the same shoe as we are in right now.

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