How To Register With Your Local GP As Soon As You Arrive In The UK

This blog article is a continuation of my immigration journey to the United Kingdom. Part of the spouse visa process was the payment for the IHS or Immigration Health Surcharge. This would allow me, holding a spouse visa, to access "free" medical assessment and treatment from NHS or the National Health Service. This somehow keeps... Continue Reading →


Got my BRP card last Tuesday. My husband and I couldn’t believe that we got a decision made from the Home Office 23 working days after my biometric appointment. My BRP card doesn’t lie, does it? It shows it was issued on the 2nd of November. Our massive question now is that, “What happened?! Why... Continue Reading →

What is P60?

P60 It is an HMRC official form given to employees by employers bearing the following information: 1) Taxable (gross) salary paid 2) Income tax deduction 3) National insurance deduction 4) Other statutory payment details e.g. maternity pay, student loans deductions, or paternity pay P60 covers one complete tax year. A complete tax year starts on... Continue Reading →

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