UK Spouse Visa Covering Letter

Applying for a spouse visa is quite, if not very daunting for most of us for the mere reason that it’s full of technicalities. The amount of evidence to prove the application is tricky and sometimes just overwhelming but hey ho! We do what needs to be done.

There’s no exact checklist for a spouse visa application. It all depends on your circumstances to include the category of financial requirement as well as the type of accommodation you’re using and not to mention the relationship status you have. Of all these supporting documents you’re preparing for submission, a covering letter sometimes gets lost amidst the chaos. And almost always, it’s a disaster! Hah!

So, what is a covering letter? Why is it important for the spouse visa application? The answer is simple but packs a punch. The covering letter shows a snippet of the whole nine yards of your application. It explains in summary the what, why, where, when and how of your application. This is usually filed on top of the application supporting documents with the intent to give the Entry Clearance Officer or the Case Officer the overview of your case/application.

A detailed covering letter should contain the following information:

  1. Personal details for both the applicant and sponsor, e.g. nationalities, type of visa application, where you’re applying at and other personal information you think might be of help to your application;
  2. Relationship details, e.g. the when, where, how, and what of the relationship as well as the information on how you continue your relationship while living in separately as well as the full detail of the marriage (if married);
  3. Financial requirement details, e.g. how your sponsor meets the financial requirement;
  4. Accommodation details;
  5. English requirement;
  6. Additional information you would like to add;
  7. Write down the comprehensive list of supporting evidences you are submitting for your application.

I made a sample covering letter to help those who need a guide to make one for their own application. And I say, SAMPLE ONLY. All the best!

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