Common UK Visit Visa Application Mistakes That Could Land You A Refusal

Many would say that obtaining a UK visit visa is like a camel going through the eye of a needle; just a gargantuan task and a scary one at that. But in all honesty, it isn’t that bad at all.

I am not a solicitor and I don’t claim I know everything but I am helping because I have been there done that. Over the course of time, I have helped quite a number of people get their UK visit visas. I have the experiences and been always researching and trying to quench my thirst for knowledge, information regarding the matter. I always aim for credibility as I don’t want people to get refused and be the reason for it.

Anyway, I’ve seen visit visa applicants really crestfallen upon the realization that they’ve been refused. Over and over, I found out that the reasons of their refusal were almost the same time and time again. Hence, this blog article.


So what usually are the common mistakes UK visit visa applicants might commit that could land them a visa refusal? Come check out the following reasons.

  1. Proof of strong ties to return to the home country. A large number of applicants usually miss the importance of this requirement.
  2. Submitting online application without giving it a thorough check – a costly mistake! I’ve known applicants who literally did this. The information supplied in the application didn’t coincide with the supporting documents submitted.
  3. The declared income from employment or other financial sources doesn’t correspond to the bank statements supplied.
  4. “SHOW MONEY”. Amount of money deposited into the bank account just some time not long ago before the visa application submission and NOT able to explain the source of this sum of money. The ECO is always on the look out for this kind of scam. This only shows you don’t have access to the money when the time comes that you need it during your visit.
  5. Failure to explain (cover letter) concisely the detail of your family, social and economic ties in the country of residence. Remember that the UK visit visa application doesn’t have a personal interview. Think that the ECO or the Entry Clearance Officer doesn’t have the patience to play “maybe this and maybe that” game with your application. They work with whatever documentation you have submitted for their perusal to be able to come up with a visa decision.
  6. Insufficient supporting documents from sponsors re: relationship, financial and accommodation.
  7. Not able to declare and change the circumstances surrounding your previous visit visa refusal/s.
  8. Failure to submit other important documents to support your application claims.


So far, these are some of the reasons I could think of for now. I’ll update this article and as soon as I can think of some more and as soon as I can. I am hoping that this helps those hopeful applicants in their future UK visit visa applications.

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  1. Thank you so much its really big help for me your article actually im planning to apply UK visit visa but I’m just less than one month staying in Philippines like what you said there must be strong ties in my country .


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