Provisional Driving Licence Application

The ability to drive a car here in the UK is almost as important as breathing. I believe knowing how to drive a car gives someone the freedom to be everywhere and anywhere really. It gives off an impression of being independent and reliable. It also gives easy mobility especially when you’re working or looking for one. These are only a few of the advantages of knowing how to drive a car. It always comes in handy. Knowing how to drive is futile though if you have got no licence to do so.

Being an immigrant in this country, I am literally rebuilding my life in this foreign place which I call now my home. New place, new faces, new food,  new rules and regulations and policies and laws, a flippin’ new out of this world weather, new life, new learning and new everything. Adjustment is a necessity to survive! Oh! Did I mention I need to keep myself attune to the fact that people here drive on the left side of the road and own right hand drive cars!? Piece of cake!

In the midst of all the ‘new’ things that are all together happening in my life, the thought of how to get things started with learning how to drive and the legality that surrounds it is quite impossible to wrap my head around but to be quite honest, it found out it wasn’t that daunting. It was me who put a boundary to what I could achieve relating to the matter.

I am going to walk you through the process of applying for your provisional driving licence.


I did apply for my provisional driving licence online. The application fee, which is also paid online using a debit or credit card, is for £34. Here’s the link if you want to apply now:


I waited for 3 working days for the Driver Licence Online application completion form from DVLA. The form is shown below. As I am on a spouse visa, I only filled in 1 Part B of the form. It’s the detail of my BRP card. I signed the form then pasted my passport size photo. 

With the passport size photo, DVLA is quite strict as to the correct specification. I had my photo taken at the photo centre where they used the size guide provided by the UK government website.


I sent back the fully filled in completion form along with a suitable sized prepaid envelope and my original BRP card to DVLA by using the agency-addressed envelope. I used the special delivery service of the Royal Mail so I could track the documents and to make sure also all my documents were delivered safely and promptly. 





I received my provisional driving licence and my BRP card on the 6th working day. 



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  1. Hello, did you receive another paper asking for share code? I am struggling to complete that or if I need to fill it out. and did you send your BRP along with the form as well?


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