Home Office Letter Along With Your Approved UK Spouse Visa

Do you wonder what is the content of the letter from the Home Office which you receive along with your passport with a spouse visa vignette plastered on one of the pages? I may just have the answer to your curiosity.

I know this is kinda late post as I had my visa last December 2018 but I still want to post and discuss it in the hopes it may at least clear doubts and give information to the correct crowd.

The letter contains the following information:

  1. The confirmation of the successful spouse visa application and the time frame.
  2. What does the successful visa application mean to the visa holder?
  3. What should be done once the visa holder arrives in the UK?
  4. What to do when you have problems collecting your BRP card?

The letter specifically stresses out that it is:

“…NOT evidence of permission to enter or stay in the UK or the conditions that could be attached to such permission. It is not evidence of any permission you might have to work, a right to rent or to claim public funds in the UK. It will not provide any employer with a defence against civil penalty liability. Your BRP is evidence of your permission and, with the exception of police registration, any conditions attached to it.

Check out below the letter I received from the Home Office to give you an insight as to what is its full content.


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