Got my BRP card last Tuesday. My husband and I couldn’t believe that we got a decision made from the Home Office 23 working days after my biometric appointment. My BRP card doesn’t lie, does it? It shows it was issued on the 2nd of November.

Our massive question now is that, “What happened?! Why did we receive the notice a month after the real decision-made date???”

We are so pissed off right now especially that we missed our first wedding anniversary! We endured unexplainable stress! The whole process cost us not only financial loss but precious days being together!

But I think life happened. We’re just happy we’re finally together, starting a promising life.

To everyone who has been a part of my visa journey, my husband and I couldn’t thank you enough. ❤️❤️❤️


I will be writing a separate blog about my whole spouse visa journey in the coming days. I am trying to settle in for now and just enjoying the company of my husband.

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  1. is really very hard only for british ..i am from eea for me is free with out cost and strees sorry for british people ..and very sorry …people for europe is free my friend bring all family free…again sorry british people ..


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