There’s no greater wedding anniversary gift than receiving a massive YES from the Home Office. Finally! After a very stressful and one-kind-of-a-joke spouse visa application, at exactly 50 working days, I received an SMS from VFS stating a decision has been made. As I paid for the courier service to have my passport delivered door to door, my husband and I were pretty confident we would get the passport in two days’ time. But of course, because everything about my spouse visa application journey started on the wrong foot (I will have a blog about the teeny tiny mishaps I had before, during and after my biometric appointment), why would the delivery of my passport be any different, yeah? Instead of receiving my passport on Thursday, I have it today, December 08! Exactly on the date of our first wedding anniversary!

Here’s my timeline:

Online application: SEPTEMBER 22, 2018
Biometric Appointment: SEPTEMBER 26, 2018
Docs received by HO in Sheffield: SEPTEMBER 27, 2018
First standard email received docs being prepared for consideration: OCTOBER 22, 2018
First Enquiry email regarding application status: NOVEMBER 7, 2018 (30th WD)
Inquiry email response from HO: NOVEMBER 7, 2018 (Decision made)
Second inquiry regarding no info still from VFS: NOVEMBER 14, 2018
Inquiry email response from HO: NOVEMBER 15, 2018(Application still being considered)


PANDEMONIUM ENSUED! Emails after emails were sent and returned back from different agencies as we chased and looked for reasons and help why such happened to my visa application.

SMS from VFS: DECEMBER 4, 2018 (Passport ready for collection)
Passport Collection: DECEMBER 8, 2018 (APPROVED)

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