Application And Payment To Transfer A Standard Route (postal) Application To Priority Service (Version 10/2018)

Application To Transfer A Standard Route (Postal) Application To Priority Service

You can upgrade your postal or standard visa application to priority even if you have already submitted your application.

Please ensure you are applying under an eligible category before proceeding with your request. Any requests to transfer applications to priority service for application routes not currently accepted by this service will not be dealt with.

The form which is shown below should be filled out and sent to this email address:

Please refer to this link for the Application To Transfer a Standard Route (Postal) Application To Premium Service Form:

This is how the form looks like:


Payment Arrangements For Transferring A Standard Route (Postal) Application To Priority Service

The form, which I am posting below, must be used to pay for postal (STANDARD) applications that are being transferred to the priority service and should be emailed along with the application form shown above to the email address mentioned earlier:

You can find the link to this form here: ⇓⇓⇓ 


The succeeding information is taken vis-a-vis from the guidance notes of the Home Office regarding the topic at hand.

Quote and quote:

Transferring postal applications to the priority service

We will take your payment using the credit/debit card details provided on this form. Your application will not be processed until your payment has been confirmed. When your payment has been confirmed we will send you a payment reference via email.

 How can you pay?

 You must pay by one of the methods specified below:

  • Credit card – Visa (including Electron), MasterCard, or American Express (Amex)
  • Debit card – Delta, Maestro*

* We only accept Maestro cards issued in the UK

If your payment is rejected

We will notify you if your payment is rejected. If your payment is rejected you will not be able to transfer your application to the priority service.

 The Fee

The fee you must pay is shown below.

table of feesIf you have more than 3 dependants add £477 for each additional dependant (if you are not attending in person) and add £610 for each additional dependant (if you are attending a premium service centre in person).

 Completing the payment details page

 To ensure that your payment is processed without any delay please complete the payment details page and note the points below when doing so.

1-2      The address at 1 should be the contact address in the UK for any correspondence. If it is not the applicants home address (e.g. a solicitor or other authorised immigration adviser may be submitting the application), give the contact name at 2.

3          This should be the full name of the main applicant as given in his or her passport or travel document.

4          Date of birth – for example, 3 January 1980 should be typed 03 01 1980 in the spaces provided.

6          If you do not select a fee then we cannot take a payment and your appointment will be cancelled.

10        The card security number is a three-digit security code known as the card verification value (CVV). It consists of the last three numbers on the signature strip on the back of the card as shown below. For Amex the security code consists of 4 digits and is found on the front of the card.

If you do not provide the CVV number, we cannot take the payment and your request to transfer your application to priority service will be cancelled.

11        When making large or multiple payments using your credit card, the anti-fraud measures that banks operate sometimes stop the full payment being taken. This can happen for a number of reasons. To prevent this you may inform your bank of your intention to make large or multiple payments in advance so that your bank allows the full payment to be taken when you submit your application. Please be aware that not all banks offer this service.

Payment methods
We accept the following forms of payment:
  •  Mastercard
  • Visa credit
  • Visa Debit
  • Visa Electron
  •  Maestro


























































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