CFO-Related Concerns

This information is all about common CFO-related concerns.
I have called CFO Davao, Clark and Manila hubs to clarify the following concerns:

1) What if the applicant didn’t receive an email containing the barcode from CFO?
*** CFO Davao has confirmed that even if you haven’t received the barcode, all you have to do is take with you the reference number you were assigned for your CFO counseling appointment.
2) What should I do if I just need the CFO sticker? Should I go back to the CFO hub where I had my counseling session?
***I called CFO Clark hub regarding the matter. They confirmed that you may be able to get the CFO sticker in any CFO hub all over the Philippines. You just need to present your passport with visa and your CFO certificate.
3) Can I secure my CFO sticker at NAIA Terminal 1 or 3 CFO stall?
***I was able to speak to a CFO representative at NAIA 3. She confirmed that it is possible to secure a CFO sticker from them provided you call their hotline ahead of time to confirm your transaction. She pointed out that sometimes, their CFO stall isn’t manned.
***Image CTTO***

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