Before, I was writing blogs because it was just plain passion for me. Recently, the more I write articles and blog them, the more I receive inquiries from those who are in the same plight as me. The “writing is just a passion for me” thinking has become “I want to help others through my blog” thinking.

I have helped quite a few now UK visa application related and quite happy that they got their visa approved, usually UK tourist visa (standard visitor visa). Unfortunately, there were also several who got refused because of some unfavourable circumstances.

I have someone who personally reached out to me and asked me to share in my blog her UK tourist visa refusal experience. She wants that her experience may serve as a guide and not a deterrent for others to lodge their UK tourist visa and make their application right.

Here’s the overview of the applicant’s circumstance:

A. Reasons for visiting the UK:

  • Invitation from her sister-in-law and who’s giving birth on the first week of October 2018.
  • It’s supposed to be a group tour and at the same time accompany her mother-in-law to the UK.
  • Tour around UK.

B. Applicant’s Financial Supporting Documents Submitted:

  1. Business Permit for the Main and Branch Businesses
  2. Income Tax Return
  3. DTI Certificate
  4. Financial Statement
  5. Copy of Pass Book business account and personal account (1 full year)
  6. Bank Certificate
  7. Copy of Land Title/Rights

C. Applicant’s Other Supporting Documents Submitted:

  1. Proof of Child’s Status/Enrolment
  2. Old passport showing travel history
  3. Marriage Certificate
  4. Birth Certificate

D. Sponsor’s Financial Supporting Documents Submitted:

  1. Payslips
  2. Letter of Invite indicating full financial support for the trip
  3. Letter from the Landlord as accommodation evidence
  4. Certificate of Employment of the applicant’s sister in law

E. Here’s the reason of her tourist visa application refusal.


Here’s my take on this case:

A. She didn’t submit any cover letter in which she could have stated the following:

  • Who will be handling the operation of her business during the time of her visit to the UK?
  • Explanation of where did the funds in her bank accounts come from.
  • The transaction history of each bank account which could have explained the declared self-employment income.

B. The next TV application, she has to change her circumstance big time by answering the refusal reasons and submitting proper documents to support her claim.

To cap this off, a cover letter has never been mentioned in the list of requirements from the Immigration. But then again, there is NO PERSONAL APPEARANCE for any UK visa application . The only way for the applicant to explain his or her circumstances is to write it down in the form of a cover letter.

Thank you for the trust allowing me to share your visa refusal experience. xxx

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