Making An Appointment For Your UKTB Test (IOM Manila, Philippines)

Making An Appointment For Your UKTB Test (IOM Manila, Philippines)

There are several ways to secure an appointment for your UKTB test. You could use one of the following:

1) sms, 0917-593-4688/0919-933-4667

2) landline, 883-9339

3) email.

In my case, I used email because it’s super convenient.

Here’s how I did it:

1. I emailed them stating my intention to book an appointment for my UKTB test. They got back at me quickly. That was a surprise! Or rather, I was quite pleased by how efficient their service was. Happy about that.

2. They sent me a generic email, of course. The email contained all the instructions you need to know regarding the list of requirements and other general guidelines for specific situation, e.g. pregnant, minor. Their email also instructed me to fill out this form:

3) Send them this form completely filled in with your personal data.

4) You’ll receive from them a confirmation of your desired date for the TB test.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

3 thoughts on “Making An Appointment For Your UKTB Test (IOM Manila, Philippines)

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  1. I send text messages and I send an emails, but why nobody reply my message?


  2. I have called the number stated many times already and even sent text messages but nobody answered. Looking forward to get an appointment from your good office. Thank you.


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