Contacting The UK Home Office Regarding Visa Application Concerns

There will be instances when you have no choice but to get an update directly from the Home Office. In order for you to get an update right away is through phone call though you may also opt for their email services but this takes some time for you to know what’s up with your application. Mind you that calling or emailing them doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the POSITIVE result you’ve been expecting.

Unfortunately, calling them is more expensive if you are doing it from outside the UK. But sometimes for the sake of your own sanity, finances is the least of your concerns.

That’s why, when you call the Home Office, try to be on point about your querry. Before you call, try to have all the necessary information details of your visa application, e.g. applicant’s name, birth date, GWF reference number just to mention a few.

Her’s the contact details to the Home Office if in the event you want to try find out any sliver of information from them regarding your visa application. Remember though that it is better to call or email them after the 30WD grace period if you applied for priority and 60WD if standard to avoid wasting the call.

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