The Story of the Unsuspecting Sweet and Juicy Mango As Experienced and Told by A Lovely British Woman 😂

Yesterday, we went to Garstang, Lancashire to witness their very First Ice Cream Festival. It was such a very nice experience for me as I haven’t experienced yet this kind of festival. I will be writing a separate blog for that experience though.

The main story of this article is the mango and the lovely lady who invited us for tea at her home. The story goes like this:

Before the day ended, a family friend invited us for tea. As we started having our fill of the food she’s prepared, our conversation turned into eating healthy stuff. My husband told her that I would actually add mango in the salad that I sometimes prepare. Then the lady host became so excited as she recounted her very first encounter with the unsuspecting mango! 🤣🤣🤣

She said that she bought a mango a couple of days ago because she wanted to try it. She added that it was her first time to buy a whole, unpeeled mango. It came the time she had to eat it but had the biggest dilemma of her life: SHE HAD NO IDEA HOW TO OPEN/PEEL IT!!! At the back of my head, I was screaming “WHAT?!!”😂😂😂 (I know I was being mean!)

I asked her what did she do then. She laughed saying that she took out a knife (very sensible thing to do, yep😜) and kinda peeled it. Then she sliced the meaty part of the mango but then she was flabbergasted to find out it’s got ‘this hard part’! She took matters into her hand by taking out a ROLLING PIN and started hammering the knife through the hard part of the multiple murdered mango. At this point, I just couldn’t stop giggling. 🤣🤣🤣 The vision of her doing that was vividly etched in my head. My husband was also laughing along with the lady host and we had a great banter about it.

I just realized that I was never alone then being weird! I had the same experience with apricot! 🤣🤣🤣 Will never share that embarrassing experience though. Bwahahaha!!!

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