The Bloopers: Part and Parcel of our Wedding Memories (December 8, 2017)

The Bloopers: Part and Parcel of our Wedding Memories (December 8, 2017)

Weddings are one of the most emotional and just special occasions for me personally. I can’t help but shed a tear or two every time I attend a wedding. The emotions are usually so raw I can’t even decide whether I’m sad or happy or just plain weird and crazy.

When my husband and I decided to tie the knot, we went from having a very simple ceremony which morphed into something quite elegant and errm expensive. Like most of the couples, we also wanted our wedding ceremony to be really special and an event to remember.

Anyway, the most awaited moment of my adult life came – my wedding day. Everything went smoothly of course. I had the most trusted wedding coordinator. I had the most wonderful physical arrangement/flower arrangement team. The best ever band coupled with the most esteemed caterer plus great wedding venue. Revered photographers/videographers teamed up with one of the best make-up artists in the area. What else could I ask for? Nada! Happy bride here!

I know you’re waiting for the BUT because of course nothing goes pretty well, like 100% perfect. As I look back to those funny moments, which by the way were all part and parcel of the most important part of our adult lives, I can’t help but giggle. It took me 4 months though to be able to put into writing the bloopers that transpired during that momentous event. Here we go:

1) For the longest time, I so wanted to walk down the aisle to the tune of “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perry. The song was performed live by the band and its lead singer and it was just so magical. Funny it was but the judge who married us was the one enjoying the walk-down-the-aisle-moment! LOL Please check photo number 1. Cheers, Judge! 😀

2) I knew then that there’s still a pre-wedding photo shoot; the photo shoots during the preparation and stuff. What I forgot was to prepare pre-wedding outfits for me and my husband! I really feel guilty that I didn’t prepare something nice for my husband for him to wear for the pre-wedding photo shoot. He was only wearing a very simple house shirt and beach shorts as shown in the photo. No one told me wedding preparations needed so much attention to details. 😛 Please check photo number 2. He’s not really ecstatic, eh? LOL

3) I had an idea then that usually, the bride just wears a bridal kimono or robe. So, I asked my husband to buy me one from the UK because I couldn’t find one here locally (honestly, I was just too busy then wrapping up my work before I go for our honeymoon and with all the wedding suppliers’ meetings). My husband, as sweet as he is, bought me three pieces. I chose to wear the peach one because it looked tamed and not too vulgar compared to the other two he bought. Perfect, eh? No, no, my dear! A harsh realization only set in when I donned on that THING! It’s as if my gut was under the x-ray scanner. Might as well not wear it then, eh! But of course, I didn’t have a choice so plan b kicked in! What I did as a last resort was using the hotel’s bath towel and wrapped it around my body then donned again the bridal kimono/bathrobe! Problem solved! Please refer to photo number 3. Yeah, yeah! I know. I look BULKY! HAHAHA

4) After the revelry, it was pack up time for the wedding suppliers. I had a quick meeting with the wedding coordinator and other wedding suppliers. Last and final payments were settled and evaluation followed. I was the only one who was at the table with those guys and my husband was also busy packing our stuff because we weren’t availing of the venues free accommodation. On our way to the hotel, my husband told me something that made me cracked up I couldn’t understand if it was because I was astonished or was because I was just flabbergasted! His story went something like this: “Babe, I was in a corner waiting for you to finish the meeting and I thought I fancied a can of beer. So I asked one of the waiters for it. The waiter told me indignantly that the beer was only for wedding guests! I was like, ‘oh okay.’ The waiter then realized his gaffe when someone pointed out to him I was the GROOM. In a flash, he appeared with one ice-cold beer in can.”

5) Our call time to be at the venue was at 10:00AM though the wedding was at 4:00PM. An hour earlier, we already left the hotel and went straight to the bank to withdraw money. As my husband was trying to find a better parking spot, he accidentally reversed to a concrete utility pole! My heart jumped into places I never thought possible! I never moved nor said a thing. My husband got out of the car and checked the damage. When he got back in, he said, “Taillights were broken and a big dent in the monster truck’s boot. Not bad!” My British husband has a funny way of handling things, eh!

Howbeit, everything-blooper or not, they’re all treasured memories and will be forever be cherished in our hearts!


The Honorable Judge ❤
The Unsuspecting Husband 😍😁😀
The Wife who forgot to prepare their pre-wedding outfits. 😂😂😂

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