The first time I applied for a UK standard visitor visa or tourist visa, I was so stressed out. The mere act of filling out the online application got into my nerves. The niggling thought that what if I did fill in the wrong information and that a simple mistake would cost me my tourist visa application? It was not a very nice feeling. Not at all! But I was lucky enough my tourist visa applications were approved.

As a way of giving back and showing how I really appreciate my luck, I am sharing this informative blog with the intent of helping out those who are going to process their UK tourist visa. The experiences I earned from my tourist visa application journey have given me the right to share more accurate information as to the what, how, where and even why of the matter.

I will be guiding you through the step by step process in filling out the UK standard visitor visa or better known as the tourist visa (please refer to the link if you want to apply for a standard visitor visa ). Please note that I am using the link available from website. I believe that there’s another link also provided for the same reason which has been shared with me by a friend. I tried using the second system but what I am not so sure about is the fact that it’s trickier than the system I use, which am going to discuss with you in here. I apologize if I cannot give you very detailed information regarding the other online application system but I will try my best to research about it and share with you in the future if I have gathered enough information regarding the matter.

I also want to emphasize that my circumstances may vary from yours, so please do not get upset if I won’t be able to give straightforward answers to your queries and concerns. I wish I had first-hand knowledge of every circumstance there is so I can pen them all down and be able to help you.

My personal situation as I apply is this:

I am applying for my third tourist visa now and wishing that it’ll be granted again. This time, my situation is different because I am applying as a family member (wife), unlike the first 2 previous applications. You will see those questions regarding family members in the step by step process which is shown in one of the screenshots posted. Also, note that I am employed and I am using it as my strong ties to return to the Philippines. This time also, we are using my husband’s savings to suffice the financial requirement needed for the application. As for the accommodation, my husband owns the house so I am providing documents which support the fact that he owns the house.

I took screenshots of the steps you will be undergoing when you will sign up and apply for your tourist visa. I hope these screenshots will give you a vivid idea of what to expect. The screenshots will start from the moment you click this link which will direct you to the application page.

As a last note, I am hoping that this helps you in any way and that your application is granted! There’s no greater feeling than being given a visa and be able to visit the place where the person who holds your heart is. Best of luck to all of us!



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