Rice Is Life!πŸ˜‹

My husband used to have a rice meal only once in a blue moon. When I came into the picture, he started buying rice in small packs. Then he realized that he could save more if he bought bigger packs – 10-kilogram pack.

The Filipino cells in me are more than ecstatic because rice is LIFE! 🀣🀣 I have turned a bread-loving man into a rice meal lover. But on a serious note, I am trying to adapt not only to the English culture and customs but also their food. At first, I found their food bland. Though it’s got lots of herbs and all sorts of foodstuff added, it still doesn’t discount the fact that it’s very much a far cry from what I am used to.

As I try their English food one by one, I start to think that it is not that bad at all! I realized it was just me who’s hesitant to try because in all honesty, I was more of like scared to accept the fact that I will be uprooted from the place and people that have molded the person I am today, which I believe is just a normal expectation from someone who is about to join the list of immigrants.

My husband is such a wonderful person for helping me ease out one by one the culture shock I encounter along the way. I know I have a long road to tread but it is a good feeling having my new family here backs me up in every curve and turn I am and may be encountering in the future.

One thing will remain though, our household here will never run out of RICE! 🍚🍚🍚

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