Innocent Observations: Things Very British

Innocent Observations: Things Very British

I have no intention of insulting or tarnishing the British ways. In fact, the things I noticed are just my observations and I fully understand that I have to get used to these things if I want to fully integrate myself in the place I am about to call my HOME.

And I say I have a compilation of my ‘innocent observations’ of things very British. I hope I am not the one who observed these things. 😀

1) Tea is life! English people just love their tea no matter what time of the day. And I am just reminding you that if you so decide to make a cup for yourself, make sure to ask the whole gang if they also want to have tea. A one in a million guess, they’ll all say, “Yes, please!”
2) Roundabouts are literally everywhere. I am in awe of the number of roundabouts, small and big, they have in a single street. I always had issues with acceleration motion every time we have to go through a roundabout because British being British, they have to move fast so as not to cause delay to other commuters.
3) The use of the kind-word PLEASE. If I had to count every time I hear them say it, I’d already lost my sanity. (haha) It’s so endearing how respectful they are though.
4) I noticed that the word SORRY is next in line to the word PLEASE from being always used. Try entering a door/building with other people and you’d almost always see people allowing you to enter first then will say SORRY. Cute, eh?
5) The “see you later” way of saying goodbye though. I’m always wondering, how it could be when for example you just met that person and there’s a big chance of not meeting him again. I know I’m talking nonsense here. 😀
6) The expression BLOODY H*LL!
7) I am having issues with my sanity as to which is which: cookie vs biscuit vs scones. LOL
8) Help me out here on how to keep in mind when to use DINNER, TEA TIME, LUNCH. Because I usually interchange these words, what I do to refer to a specific meal of the day is adding time to it. Easy.
9) What’s with the “xxx” after the messages? Yes, fellas! 

10) When they aren’t really sure about something, adding an -ISH at the end word of the sentence saves the day! 😂😂


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