Visa application is as scary as failing the very last subject you need to graduate from college!

I can still feel the anxiety running through every fiber of my being as I started each and every visit visa process I had until the very moment just before I opened my passport and check for my visa vignette! This is one of the reasons why I am so into researching after researching for information that could help me find ways to beat refusals.

This blog article focuses on the general information on how to apply for a visa which I based on the official website of VFS Global. I hope this finds the screens of those who are in the dark visa-application wise.

Here are the general steps you might want to follow if you’re going to apply for a UK visa:

1) Research your visa type.

Use UK Visa and Immigration website to determine the correct visa for you.

2) Apply for your visa through

Use UK Visa and Immigration website Choose one among the selections the reason for your coming to the UK:

a. Tourism
b. Work, academic visit or business
c. Study
d. Transit (on your way to somewhere else)
e. Join partner or family for a long stay
f. Get married or enter into a civil partnership
g. Stay with your child, if they’re at school
h. Get private medical treatment
i. For official diplomatic or government business (including transit through the UK)

3) Book an appointment

Choose a visa application centre and make an appointment. The appointment is to have your fingerprints and photo taken, known as ‘biometric appointment’. A brief interview will be conducted for those applying for a student visa (Tier 4).

4) Pay your visa fee

After choosing the appointment time in the online application, online payment follows. If you don’t have credit or debit card, you can arrange for someone to pay for it on your behalf.

5) Choose your services

Once payment has been made, you’ll be given a reference number that starts with GWF. You’ll be able then to tailor your upcoming visit to the VFS centre with the range of PREMIUM SERVICES.

VFS Manila

A. Gold Premium Package (Php 6,600.00)
• Walk-in without appointment
• Courier service
• Premium lounge
• SMS service
• Application and document checks

B. Silver Premium Package (Php 4,626.00)
• Walk-in without appointment
• Courier service
• SMS service
• Application and document checks

C. Bronze Premium Package (Php 1,049.00)
• Application and document checks
• Courier service
• SMS service

VFS Cebu

A. Premium and Silver Packages NOT AVAILABLE.
B. Bronze Premium Package (PhP 1,049.00)

6) Visit the visa application centre

Attend your appointment.
– Arrive at least 15 minutes early.
– Bring a printed copy of your visa application, passport
with at least a one-page blank on both sides.
– Bring all supporting documents (original and copies).

7) Track your application.

You’ll receive an email update when your decision has been made and your documents and passport been returned to the application centre. You’ll have detailed tracking information though if you availed of their sms service.

8) Pick up/Wait for your passport and documents to be

You may collect your passport at the VFS centre where you lodged your application or if you opted for the courier service, wait for your passport and documents to be delivered to the address you’ve indicated in your application form.

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