Gathering supporting documents for immigration and visas purposes is just taxing! It is not enough that you know how to manage your time, effort and resources but you also need to have the initiative to deal with bumps and redirections along the way of preparation. The mental, emotional and financial burdens of preparation and the waiting-for-the-result-game sometimes just take the toll on the applicant.

I am one living proof of this all. I applied for my tourist/visit visa three times already and underwent the same emotional, mental and financial exhaustion. As I am in the process of applying for my settlement visa (spouse), I just cannot imagine how many gallons of coffee will I need to keep my nerves at bay!

As my way of ‘paying tribute’ to those men and women who tirelessly, hopefully, and lovingly prepare and wait for their most precious treasure – UK VISA, I have prepared a contact list of UKVI-related agencies and organizations UK visa applicants need to transact with during the course of supporting-document-preparation.

I wish every visa applicant all the good luck this world could offer.



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